• Who needs to enrol with the JAG?

    Only those practitioners not already enrolled with the SAC in general surgery or gastroenterology, i.e nurses and other health professionals, general practitioners and radiologists.
  • How many JAG Accreditted endoscopy units are there in the United Kingdom?

    Please see units JAG accreditation status on
  • Can anyone committed to a career in endoscopy receive training?

    Any SpR or StR committed to a career involving practising endoscopy is eligible to access a formal training course and in-house training, without necessarily having (in the case of surgical trainees) an upper or lower GI training number.
  • Is there any specific guidance on the size and frequency of training lists and in particular the number of training lists that should be available in the unit per week and the minimum/maximum size of training lists?

    The actual number of training lists will depend on the number of trainees in each hospital. The list should be 60% of a service list i.e a maximum of 4 colons or 8 OGDs with a MINIMUM of one adjusted training list per week, but possibly more dependent on stage of training, trainees' needs and service pressure.
  • Training courses

    Any training course queries need to be directed to the training centres specifically. If there is an IT query relating to the JETS site/logging courses please email
  • What is a DOPs assessment?

    A DOPs (Direct Observation of Procedure Skills) is an assessment tool designed to evaluate the performance of a trainee in undertaking a practical procedure, against a structured checklist. The trainee receives immediate feedback to identify strengths and areas for development.
  • A trainer does not appear in the trainer list when a trainee is trying to setup a new list.

    Amend the user’s certification levels to assign them as a trainer (Administrator/Training Lead if authorised).
  • A trainer does not have a trainer section when they review their portfolio.

    Amend the user’s certification levels to assign them as a trainer (Administrator/Training Lead if authorised).
  • A trainer is unable to sign off a DOPS form for a particular procedure.

    Amend the user’s certification levels to assign them as a trainer for that procedure type (Administrator/Training Lead if authorised).
  • A trainee is trying to set up a new list but no sites are listed in the site drop down box.

    1. The user is not currently a member of any e-Portfolio trusts or the trust has no sites associated with it.
    2. The Administrator/Training Lead must invite the trainee to join the Trust. Go to the Trust User Admin page
    3. Search for trainee using the search field at the bottom of the page and search for their GMC/NMC# or email address and invite on the next page.
    4. Ask the user to go to their 'Outstanding Actions' page and accept the Trust invite.
    5. If no invite is present on the Trust Administration page: click the users name to bring up their profile make a note of their GMC/NMC# and press the 'Back' button use the red cross in the action column to remove the user from the trust enter their GMC/NMC# in the search box to add them to the trust again, this will send a second invite.
  • A trainee can’t record data for a particular procedure type.

    Amend the user’s certification levels to set them as training in that procedure type (Administrator/Training Lead if authorised).
  • Do tumours count as polyps?

    Yes. Tumours and polyps are counted together.
  • What are major complications?

    Significant bleeding requiring > 2 unit transfusion
    Post-procedure hospital stay of > 24 hours (related to procedure) or admission to hospital following discharge from endoscopy unit
  • How can I be officially certified as competent?

    Once you have completed your Summative DOPS assessment you are ready to apply for JAG certification. Please click here to view what is required to apply.
  • I have all of my data on paper, do I have to put this on JETS?

    Yes. All data, procedures and applications need to come through via the JETS. No application can be accepted on paper or through other logbooks.
  • A trainee can't access the certification tabs in their portfolio; they are greyed out.

    Amend the user’s certification levels to assign them as a trainer (Administrator/Training Lead if authorised).
  • How much does JAG certification cost?

    JAG certification currently costs £70 per modality. (For colonoscopy the fee for provisional certification will also cover full accreditation if you choose to apply for it).
  • How does a trainee pay for certification?

    To make payment you can send a cheque made payable to the Royal College of Physicians to the address below:
    JAG Administrator Accreditation Unit
    Royal College of Physicians
    11 St Andrews Place
    Regent's Park
    NW1 4LE
    Please ensure your GMC number is included on the back of the cheque for reference.

    Alternatively you can make a direct bank transfer. To do this, contact to request the details.

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